Seja marginal, seja herói (2017)
Brenda Guesnet
In: File Note Let It Come Down, Camden Arts Centre

It’s not likely that Kandinsky met Hilma af Klint (2015)
Maxine Kopsa
In: The Soul in Limbo, Roma Publications

It’s always better to be a little bit hungry (2015)
Maxine Kopsa
In: The Soul in Limbo, Roma Publications

A tapestry of rich and royal hue (2015)
Zoë Gray
In: The Soul in Limbo, Roma Publications

Work in Progress (2015)
Monika Szewczyk
In: The Soul in Limbo, Roma Publications

Occult Geometry (2014)
Signal – Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö

Practical Magic (2013)
Tessa Giblin

Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Inside every myth there’s a story or two and a spell of love may be lurking too and these pages tell some of it all but not everything (2010)
Monika Szewczyk

In: Local Myths / Love Spells, Eastside projects

Prologue: Local Myths (2010)
Gavin Wade

In: Local Myths / Love Spells, Eastside projects

The Knight’s Tour (2009)
Xander Karskens

Jennifer Tee in Tana Toraja (2008)
Jean Tee

The loved object that does not speak (2007)
Natasha Conland

In: Mystic Truths, Aukland Art Gallery

Kharakorum (2006)
Jean Tee

In: I am the soul in limbo, 6th Gwanju Biennal

Borobodur (2006)
Jean Tee

In: I am the soul in limbo, 6th Gwanju Biennal

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (2006)
Gary Garsley

In: Gift, Artspace Visual Arts Centre Ltd

Everything must become like what it will never be (2004)
Stijn Huijts

In: E*V*O*L E*Y*E LAND*S-END, 26th São Paulo
Biennial, Artimo

Joyfull Limbo (2004)
Xander Karskens

In: E*V*O*L E*Y*E LAND*S-END, 26th São Paulo
Biennial, Artimo

Wandering, straying and losing one’s way in Territorium Tee (2004)
Ann Demeester

In: E*V*O*L E*Y*E LAND*S-END, 26th São Paulo
Biennial, Artimo

The making of Down The Chimney (2004)
Jean Tee

In: E*V*O*L E*Y*E LAND*S-END, 26th São Paulo
Biennial, Artimo

Nameless Swirls, An Unfolding in Presence (2003)
Philip van den Bossche

In: Nameless Swirls, an unfolding in presence, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

Interview: Jennifer Tee, Roé Cerpac, Harmen Liemburg, Erwan Mahéo (2003)
Philip van den Bossche

In: Nameless Swirls, an unfolding in presence, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

Down The Chimney (1999)
Martijn van Nieuwenhuijzen

In: SMBA Newsletter (no. 46)



> Affective Affinities
33rd Bienal De São Paulo, Brazil
curated by Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro and exhibition section curator, artist Sofia Borges

> Further thoughts on earthly materials
Kunsthaus Hamburg, Germany


> Tulip Palepai
Artwork CS Amsterdam


soloshow, Bonner Kunstverein

soloshow, Camden Arts Centre, London, U.K

soloshow, Kunstraum, London, U.K


Amsterdam Art Fair
solo booth
Galerie Fons Welters
> Tulip Palepai
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, NL

19.15 NPO2
> Jennifer Tee Leaving Limbo
A film by Lisa Boerstra, INTERAKT-AVROTROS

28.1.2017 - 23.4.2017
>Back to Mulholland Drive
curated by Nicolas Bourriaud
La Panacee, Centre de Culture Contemporaine Montpellier, FR

Rethinking HOME, Nieuwe Dakota, Amsterdam, NL
Exhibition with Dutch and Indonesian artists

Unseen, photofair, Amsterdam, NL
gallerie Fons Welters

28.05.2016 - 11.09.2016
Dutch artists' Urge to Travel since 1850, De Hallen, Haarlem, NL
> Manifesta 11
What People Do For Money
Ether Plane~Material Plane
Zurich, Switserland
Primary Capital Programme
Arnolfini, Bristol, U.K
Commissioned Artwork
>Jennifer Tee meets COBRA*
Kunstverein Amsterdam i.c.w Cobra Museum of Modern Art
book launch of 'The Soul in Limbo'
29.11.2015 12am-2pm

22.11.2015 - 21.02.2016
COBRA Art Prize
COBRA Museum, Amstelveen, NL

performance dates:
What Men Knew Nothing About
17.01.2016, 24.01.2016, 2pm and 4pm
Concrete Interior
31-01-2016, 07-02-2016 2pm and 4pm
Oracle Club
Reading from Swann's Way, Proust
14.02.2016, 8pm-10.30pm

> Occult Geometry
Signal at kunsthal Charlottenborg
Copenhagen, Denmark

Punt WG
Bas Jan Ader, Halina Kliem, Jennifer Tee
curated by Noa Giniger
Amsterdam, NL

>'Bits of the world blow towards him, and come apart on the wind'
The Marque, Cambridge U.K
Commissioned Artwork

The Peacock
non-stop groupshow
Grazer Kunstverein
curated by Krist Gruijthuijsen

The Amsterdam Trail
Galerie Lemaire
Amsterdam, NL

18.01.2014 - 22.02-2014
> Heart ferment
Galerie Fons Welters
Amsterdam, Nl

19.10.2013 - 01.01-2014
Mijn Derde Land
Frankendael Foundation
curated by Nathanja van Dijk & Carolyn Drake

29.08.13 - 26.10.13
> Practical Magic
Solo show
Project Art Centre Gallery Dublin, Ireland
curated by Tessa Giblin

09.03.2013 - 14.04.2013
> proposals Noord-Zuidlijn, CS
Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL

12.04.2013 - 29.06.2013
> Six possibilities for a sculpture
La Loge, Brussels, Belgium
curated by Zoe Gray

25.05.2013, 16.00
Performance with Miri Lee & artist talk with Annick Kleizen

23 .09.12 - 08.11.12
> Star-Crossed
Beyond Imagination, Stedelijk Museum

performance dates:
sat 29 sept, 3pm
sat 6 oct, 3pm
sat 13 oct, 2pm
sat 20 oct, 3pm
sun 28 oct, 3pm
sat 3 nov, 3pm

artist at ISCP,
New York City.

Gridding Sentences
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
curated bij Hendrik Folkerts

25.06.11 - 25.09.11
> Secret Societies
Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, Germany
Curated by Cristina Ricupero and Alexis Vaillant, Paris, Matthias Ulrich, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt

Ongoing Series: Performance, film & high tea
Op zondagmiddag 13 maart vindt een Ongoing Series met onder meer de première van het eerste deel van een samenwerking tussen Jennifer Tee en choreograaf Jack Gallagher op en rond Tee’s Crystalline Floor Pieces (2010) en Covert Entwined Heart (2004-2010)

30.10.10 - 03.04.11
> De Nederlandse identiteit?
Museum de Paviljoens, Almere, The Netherlands
Curated by Macha Roesink and Annick Kleizen

25.9.10 - 06.11.10
> Local Myths
Soloshow at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, U.K
Curated by Gavin Wade

18.06.10 - 12.07.10
Dutch Culture Center, Shanghai, China
Developed by Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in the framework of the year-long project Morality
Curated by Nicolaus Schafthausen and Monika Szewczyk

09.2009 - 07.2010
Double Dutch
museum HVCCA, Peekshill NYC, U.S.A.

Project in the Bijlmer

12.09.09 - 29.11.09
Actuele sculptuur in
De Hallen Haarlem

Open Source Amsterdam, international art manifestation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

02.05.09 - 06.06.09
> Complex Interiors Trance-lucent Concrete
Soloshow Galerie Fons Welters,
The Netherlands

03.04.09 - 16.04.09
Triangle France, Marseille, France Curated by Dorothee Dupuis

23.02.08 – 24.02.08
Intervention Weekend
Performance event
Totem Today
by Jennifer Tee

06.04.08 – 21.04.08
> Inside the mind
a resting place

Carpet by Jennifer Tee & Richard Niessen
Galleria Klerckx, Milan, Italy

02.06.08 – 11.09.08
Transgressing Mind
Prague Triennale 2008
Prague, Czech Republic
Curated by Pilvi Kalhama
Open Source Amsterdam
public space art event
Bijlmer, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Curated by Helga Lasschuijt


Jennifer Tee’s (1973) works comprise sculpture, installation, performance, photography, and collages, all with a wide-ranging underlying frame of reference. Of central importance is Tee’s interest in the in-between state of what she calls the soul in limbo*. The soul in limbo is restless and alive, and caught in an unnamed place – a conceptual, mental, psychological, and physical space – on the border between the here and the possible. Tee also researches contemporary life, with its cross-cultural identity and narratives, its instability and complexity, and its potential for the loss of identity, language, and kinship with original cultures. In addition, Tee explores various forms of utopian concepts of life and their potential for creating a new and more beautiful and soulful world**. With her work, she encourages the contemplation of life’s fragile connections, evoking spiritual realms with active material experimentation.

>> Read more

* The Soul in Limbo derives from André Breton’s novel Nadja from 1928.

** The ethnographer Claude Lévi-Strauss describes in Tristés Tropiqués (1955) his definition of an ideal society: “…a society that no longer exists, possibly never has existed, probably never will exist, but of which we should nonetheless have a clear conception, in order to be able to assess our current situation.”

> Open CV (Doc)
> Open Bibliography (Doc)


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