The eye wants to collaborate with other senses. All the senses, including vision, can be regarded as extensions of the sense of touch-as specialisations of the skin. They define the interaction between the skin and the environment-between the opaque interiority of the of the body and the exteriority of the world. (p.42)
the eye is the organ of distance and seperation, whereas touch is the sense of nearness, intimacy and affection. During overpowering emotional experiences, we tend to close off the distancing sense of vision and invite the unconcious peripheral vision and tactile fantasy. (p.46)

The Eyes of the Skin - Architecture and the Senses by Juhani Pallasmaa, Steven Holl (Preface by) Wiley, John & Sons 2005 front cover illustration: Caravaggio’s “Incredulity of Saint Thomas” 1601-1602