Minnie Evans is one of the most important visionary folk artists of the 20th century.

From a young age, Minnie depicts her experiences of receiving visions and mythical creatures. Inevitably these visions circulated throughout her life as she started to hear and see more into her early adulthood. She heard a voice in her head that said

'Why don't you draw or die? She started using pencil and wax on paper for her beginning works and she later worked with oil paints and mixed media collages. Her subject matter were usually either biblical scenes or scenes from nature. Often, it was a mixture of both. Her influences included AfricanCaribbeanEast IndiaChinese, and Western cultures.[1] Since she held the position as gatekeeper at the Airlie Gardens, she often used the gardens as her inspiration in her work to depict nature scenes. The central motif in many pieces is a human face surrounded by plant and animal forms.

Minnie Evans 1892-1987
untitled 1944
Crayon and pencil on paper
Collection MoMa