“It must be said that, while some tarot decks may give a nod to use the tarot cards as a means to better understand inner space, the common usages of the tarot often seems to be as a divinatory tool rather than as a vehicle for the exploration of interior landschapes”
The Psycheldelic Tarot intends, by an emphasis on inner focus, to deflect attention from the tarot as a divinatory device (with its center of attention on external affairs) and to then firmly set the reader’s sight on the tarot as an agency for restoring internal harmony, a rather unique point of view in this age of modern technology and emphasis on worldly events.

From: Internet
Anthony Eremitus, M.A., C.T.M The Psychedelic Tarot, iUniverse, 2009

The Toth Tarot
painted by lady Frida Harris
according to instructions from Aleister Crowley