There are three main styles of tampan, which come from the Komering, Kalianda, and Kota Agung/Liwa regions on Lampung. Those woven in blue depict the secular realm, those in red the sacred. Red colour was the most usual, but the Liwa and Kota Agung region commonly used red, blue, and yellow.
Examples from the inland mountains show stylized natural or domestic subjects and geometric designs, while those from the coast (tampan pasisir) display richly detailed scenes of ships and other motifs. Key and spiral details are important as borders and space fillers. Although tampan were used by all social classes, the ornate tampan pasisir, were a prerogative of the nobility.

Indonesia, Sumatra, Lampung province, Piya, Wai Ratai River region
Cotton, 78.4 X 72.4 cm
Collection: The Metropolitan Museum of Art