Zorgcentrum Beatrix Culemborg, NL
i.c.w.Gabriel Lester and Richard Niessen SKOR project
Tee and Lester designed a post office for the residents of the Beatrix nursing home. It's a place for the residents to socialise with each other and communicate with the outside world of family and friends. In addition to the space and furniture, Tee and Lester i.c.w. graphic designer Richard Niessen, designed stationary, post cards and rubber stamps. The environment is focussed on perception and communication: the light-driven clock and the display case showing objects referring to the authors and books in the attached library. This library composed by Jean Tee contains an extensive book collection of correspondences of illustrious people, such as Elsschot, Kafka, Slauerhoff, Havel and Van Gogh.
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