Gridding Sentences 
Duration 33 min.
Choreography by
Jennifer Tee & Jack Gallagher
Dancers: Miri Lee, Marjolein Vogels, Eilit Marom, Evelyne Rossie


The five female performers begin on the ground, undulating in a state of limbo, exploring the boundaries of the Floorpieces and their negative space. The exercise reinvents the Floorpieces as a location with a third dimension. The geometrical bodily forms start to swirl, forming ‘sentences’. An alternating, primitive intensity is added, talismanic gestures are exchanged, and the music speeds up. The artist is huddled, arms stretched in front of her, in the middle of the Floorpieces as the four dancers rapidly circle around her. The two textiles are separated and rotated into different directions. After numerous different positions, the Floorpieces are rejoined and reversed. The performers take on sphinx-like postures, before gradually moving to the center of the stage and looking into the audience.