Commissioned Artwork
Utrecht, NL

For this bustling square in the heart of Utrecht, Tee was interested in the long history of Vredenburgplein as a market square, and the Roman history to which the city of Utrecht also owes its name. The Romans were known for their beautifully inlaid mosaic floors with daily scenes of food tableaux such as bread and fish. Tee wanted to bring a ‘living room atmosphere’ to the square which hosts a market three times a week, in an all-encompassing work in the form of a granite floor of inlaid mosaics, just like a carpet in a living room with beautiful motifs. The mosaic made of granite stones depict products found on the market such as fishes, chicken, a carton of eggs, cheese, and a croissant. Tee used simple shapes and perspective to ensure that the objects are easily recognizable. The mosaic floor acts as a still life of the market, with seating areas, beautiful trees and tall lanterns which light the square at night.

This project was realized with the municipality of Utrecht, many thanks to
Anne-Xûan Llannes and Paul Stumpel who helped with the design at the studio.

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