Water Square
45 m x 60 m

Floor plans for the water square with domains of the senses/ emotional zones, each with their own graphic pattern and symbols.
Suggested material: silkscreened ceramic tiles
62,5 cm x 62.5 cm

Domains of the senses (from top to bottom):
Realm of the Unknown
Impossible Dwellings
Intensly Lost
De Niet Zichtbare Wereld Built on Dreams
Spill Over and Disappear
The Teargarden
Tender Eye Land
A Resting Place
Geheugen Paleis
Heimelijk Hart
Ceremonial Plateau
Inside the Mind
Unmasked and Far Away
Invention of Moral
Unfolding in Presence
In Pursuit of Happiness
Between was Not and is
Somewhere Not Here
Glimpse of Real Life