Entwined Bolero
Duration:18 min.
i.c.w. Jack Gallagher and
dancer Mi Ri Lee

In Torrid Zone, Tee and choreographer Jack Gallagher use the famous dance piece Bolero to explore the relationship between installation, choreography and dance, and to create a contrast between sculpture and movement.

The iconic images from Bolero are translated to hieroglyphic poses, creating a synthesis of movement, images and symbols. 

Entwined Bolero begins by activating the swirling Covert Entwined Heart, while the woven Floor Pieces arrangements form a negative and positive space, simultaneously taking up the room’s volume and cutting into it. They then function as stages for coordinated dance movements by the three performers, who break out and return to the Floor Pieces, ending with three solos. The movements of Mi Ri Lee within the beams of the crystalline form trace out unknown and exotic areas, enclosing a space for feelings.